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A new year started off and we wish you happiness, joy and success. May the traditional wishes of “health” really come true.

This year again, we shall try to keep you informed about different and interesting subjects. As a federative organisation, it is essential that our members, the breeders, the judges, the exhibitors be kept updated with the activities organised by the national canine organisations, with the routine that makes their daily work or with the different working championships as we also want to focus on the work, the missions, the functions that our dogs are able to perform.

We shall keep taking time to make you a bit more familiar with our national canine organisations by allocating them a specific space. In the issue you are about to read, we have chosen to highlight our Ecuadorian member, AERCAN.

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
2013 A.E.R.CAN dog shows in Quito – Ecuador, January

The Asociación Ecuatoriana de Registros Caninos A.E.R.CAN – which is a fully affiliated member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), a member of the Sociedad de Intercambio de la Canofilia Latinoamericana (SICALAM) and recognised by both the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Sociedad Panamericana de Fomento Canófilo – is the only internationally recognised Ecuadorian body governing the activities of dog lovers in Ecuador.

In accordance with the annual schedule, the Asociación Ecuatoriana de Registros Caninos – A.E.R.CAN - held its first three dog shows, two of them international and one domestic, on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2013, at the magnificent “Quitumbe” Conference and Exhibition Centre in the south of the city, which was the perfect setting for these canine events as it is totally covered and fully carpeted.

This setting covering two thousand square metres hosted All Rounder judges Mr Miguel Ángel Martínez – Chairman of the Federación Cinológica Argentina (FCA), Mr Stefan Sinko from Slovenia and Dr Rafael Otálora – Chairman of the Asociación Club Canino Colombiano (ACCC), who had the responsibility of awarding the prizes to the 219 dogs entered for these shows.

The dog shows awarded classification points for the following Beauty championships: Campeonato Internacional (CACIB), Campeonato Latinoamericano (CACLAB), Campeonato Panamericano de la Sociedad Panamericana de Fomento Canófilo, Gran Campeonato Ecuatoriano (CAGCEB), Campeonato Ecuatoriano (CACEB), Campeonato Joven Ecuatoriano (CAJCEB), Campeonato Cachorro Ecuatoriano (CACCEB) and Campeonato Bebé Ecuatoriano (CABCEB).

In addition to this, each of the three international dog judges who were officiating gave a talk on canine matters aimed at both members of the public attending the shows and Ecuadorian and foreign dog breeders, aiming to pass on their knowledge and experience of breeding and judging thoroughbred dogs, along with their own contributions to this work.

There was a large audience at this major venue who came to support us in putting on our dog shows, which also drew a number of large commercial firms, who have seen how hard the Asociación Ecuatoriana de Registros Caninos has been working for the last seventeen years.

There were dogs with genealogical registers from the following countries: United States of America, Italy, Germany, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Croatia, Serbia, Venezuela, Poland, France, Russia, Brazil and Peru.

At the International Show held on the Saturday, Mr Stefan Sinko awarded prizes to the four Best In Show dogs, which were: 1) Shetland Sheepdog GRANOGABLES NEW PLAYBOY RIRSING, 2) Newfoundland CH.EC.L EFEBO DE LA TROPAS, 3) German Short-Haired Pointer GRCH.EC.CH.L KALIMAN and 4) American Cocker Spaniel - CH.EC.JEC.BEC. EXCLUSIVE ACS IVAN.

The Ecuadorian Show held on Saturday 26th January, judged by Dr Rafael Otálora, awarded Best In Show prizes to four dogs: 1) Golden Retriever GOLDENBROS THE WARRIOR PRINCESS, 2) Rottweiler AISHA VON DER DAM DRACK HAUS, 3) Shetland Sheepdog CH. GRENOGABLES NEW PLAYBOY RIRSING, 4) German Short-Haired Pointer CRCH.EC.CH.KALIMAN.

The International Show held on Sunday 27th January, judged by Mr Miguel Ángel Martínez, awarded Best In Show prizes to four dogs: 1) Neapolitan Mastiff CH.JEC.CEC.BEC. DOGE GABBANA DELLA ROMANA, 2) American Akita CRCH.EC.SONDAISA THE STAGE IS SET, 3) Shetland Sheepdog CH. GRANOGABLES NEW PLAYBOY RISSING and 4) Dobermann QUEB ALI DE INVASOR.