Dear readers,

A new year started off and we wish you happiness, joy and success. May the traditional wishes of “health” really come true.

This year again, we shall try to keep you informed about different and interesting subjects. As a federative organisation, it is essential that our members, the breeders, the judges, the exhibitors be kept updated with the activities organised by the national canine organisations, with the routine that makes their daily work or with the different working championships as we also want to focus on the work, the missions, the functions that our dogs are able to perform.

We shall keep taking time to make you a bit more familiar with our national canine organisations by allocating them a specific space. In the issue you are about to read, we have chosen to highlight our Ecuadorian member, AERCAN.

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
The countdown has begun… Budapest is getting ready

Only some weeks left until the canine world gathers again for the most prestigious event of each year and the Hungarian Kennel Club can finally present the FCI General Assembly and the FCI World Dog Show 2013.

After having worldwide known difficulties during the last half year causing a pause for months, it makes extra effort for all of us to keep up with all the schedules after getting back on track again. Even without these problems it would not have been easy at all to organise the FCI IPO 2012. But it was a great success and we are getting ready with the coming World Dog Show.

However, with all the routine we gained during the last years, our enthusiastic team speeded up to meet the requirement of everyone entering the venue.
As the number of days is decreasing, the tasks of a real complicated and complex task list of such an event are getting accomplished day after day, negotiation and cooperation are constant with the city council to handle traffic, and we will soon launch our media campaign as well as invite the public for the amazing world of the FCI and dogs.

Such a big event is not only a dog show, but a social event as well. It is a meeting place with a unique atmosphere with breeders and dog lovers from all around the world, representing the canine world absolutely on an international level.

For a full experience, Budapest itself can give much more than a host for the show. The city which is divided into two breathtaking river banks by the Danube, with unique architecture and historical atmosphere can guarantee you not only to be a part of the show, but be the part of the history of Hungary.

If you have not made up your mind yet whether to join or not, consider it thoroughly and after making your mind up, start to pack your luggage because Budapest is waiting for you.

Attila Márton
Hungarian canine organisation